Business solutions that make a difference

Does the world sometimes look a big and lonely place ?

The IBP team have a wealth of experience across many different business sectors - Healthcare, Automotive, Franchises, Manufacturing, IT and Infrastructure, Recycling and Waste Management, Retail, Construction, Contracting and many more.

You may need a business consultancy service for a variety of reasons, but we always make sure we bring focus and independent advice. We will work closely with your business to ensure we give the right advice and recommendations that are beneficial specifically to you.

Regardless of the size of your business, we understand that you’ll be looking for key business support that will help get you to the next stage and drive value, so we’ll look at a range of areas in your business from a financial capacity.

It may be that you’re unsure of what the next steps should be, but that’s where we will come into your business, do an in-depth strategic assessment and make solid recommendations for the most appropriate steps.

We’ll help with the following business areas:

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Management Buy-outs
  • Non-exec directors

We deliver realistic growth plans in line with your business objectives whilst ensuring the right solution is implemented, just get in touch today on 01949 837368