Imogen Skirving

30It’s with a great deal of sadness that we find ourselves writing a tribute to Imo.  She lost her life on Wednesday evening as a result of being hit by a car whilst on holiday in Menorca.

In our very early days, she was very kind to us.  We needed to take some photo’s for a brochure and she immediately offered us the run of the hall for a morning and made sure we were topped up with coffee.  She was a slightly reluctant model, but still agreed to play the part of a client for us and quickly got so carried away with one of her stories and anecdotes that we all forgot the camera was happily snapping away.

We always tried to attend the Langar Hall Business Club lunch, and we still will.  Once a month on the last Tuesday, the lunch is a great opportunity to build lasting relationships and Imo understood very well that relationships are what makes business work.  She took an active part and when she appeared with the little brass bell you always knew that when it rang it meant you were about to have to stand up and tell everyone what you do.  I guess it is the business equivalent of singing for your supper.

LinkedIn NetworkingHere she is enjoying lunch with us all just a few short months ago.  For the price she charges she doesn’t make any money at all, in fact probably quite the reverse, but that didn’t matter too much, because she also recognised that we would all come back again at some point.  We would bring our husbands, wives, families, and that would make the lunch all the more worthwhile and foster the family atmosphere that is the hallmark of why Langar works so well.


The little brass bell may now fall silent, we may not be regaled any more with quirky anecdotes from the nicest lady you could ever wish to meet, and we are quite sure that for such a petite person she had shoes that are far too big for anyone else to fill, but we all have memories of time we spent with Imo that we will hold on to tightly, and are irreplaceable, just like the lady herself.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to know you Imo, rest in peace.



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