Is it any surprise ?

So Asda report a 4.7% fall in sales.  There seems to be an overwhelming expectation that sales will just be on an ever upward spiral, and it’s not just Asda, or just supermarkets, but is it sensible ?  Where everyone tries to be the cheapest someone is going to lose out, but actually do shoppers want to be trekking around the supermarkets to get a tin of beans a penny cheaper ?  Now some will say you don’t have to because there’s all the price match guarantees, so are the supermarkets just a cartel by another name and end up squeezing profits out of suppliers ?  Maybe it doesn’t come down to just price either.   Some are now selling “Wonky veg”.  It’s not wonky, it’s just veg, it tastes the same, it looks the same on your plate, and why is that ????, well it’s because it is the same !

Maybe time for a shake up, and perhaps those that win in the end will be the ones that sell good honest produce (“wonky” or not) at good honest prices, worrying less about the competition and more about the consumer.   Well they are I hear you say………….look at the rise of Lidl and Aldi, ’nuff said.  Friday rant over !


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