Impartial support and leadership

Bringing a Non-Executive Director (NED) into your business can be beneficial in a number of ways. It can help provide immediate commercial and strategic insight and support as well as connections and a fresh view.

The requirements to appoint a NED may vary; if your business is too small (or a start-up) for a fulltime Executive Director, a NED can bring necessary professional experience in a cost-effective manner. It may also be a requirement if your business (regardless of size) is seeking funding and lenders may require you appoint a NED.

Generally a NED is a board member who is not affiliated with the company in anyway, but they will provide independent advice in areas such as strategy, performance, financial analysis and risk.


The team at IBP can help support your business as NED’s through the following services:

  • The reviewing and challenging of existing or porpoise business plans
  • Development support for revised/new business plans and strategies
  • Delivery of long term strategic advice & direction
  • Business coaching and innovative thinking
  • Key sounding board to key management and stakeholders

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