Very, very civilised !

LinkedIn NetworkingNow look, the last Tuesday of the month you need to write in your diary at 12:30pm “LinkedIn lunch at Langar Hall”.  Imogen hosts our monthly business club meeting which, as you can see, is a select band of people, and we all come from different business areas.  Collection agents, graphic designers, IFA’s, business “dating agency” director, banking and finance professionals (that’s us !!) all there with a focussed common purpose.  Yes, that’s right, to enjoy lunch at Langar !

It’s not all just fun (we have to say that so we can claim the VAT back ;-)) but leads and opportunities do also pass between us and if you aren’t there then you are missing out.  In between all the feverish networking Imo insists we have a glass of wine and a two course lunch for the princely sum of fifteen of your bright shiny one pound coins.

Amazing hostess, excellent lunch, great bunch of people.  This, ladies and gents, is an extremely civilised way to spend one Tuesday lunchtime a month and I commend it to you all.  See you next month ?

Langar Hall Business Club, on LinkedIn


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