What clients say

“I have had a close working relationship with Rod for more than 10 years.  In the early days he supported significant additional funding to allow us to almost double the size of our site to 24 acres, and as a result my main business has continued to expand.  Latterly he has secured additional term funding to allow the construction of a £2m new office complex and warehouse which has taken us to the next level.

He takes the time not just to understand how my businesses operate, but also to understand what I want to achieve with them.  He is prepared to challenge my thoughts, question my focus, take an objective view and have strategic input to decisions which affect the progress we make.  Sometimes, if I just need bounce ideas off someone, Rod is one of the first places I start.

Our close working relationship will continue with Rod now running Independent Banking Professionals Ltd and I very much look forward to continuing to draw on his experience, knowing that brings additional strength to our operations.”

Richard Tuxford Managing Director - R C Tuxford Exports Ltd

Helen and Rod were senior managers with the UK’s largest bank for almost 40 years each, latterly managing a portfolio of financially distressed or under-performing customers and successfully trading businesses respectively.

We go back a long way.  They have a deep understanding and experience of customers’ businesses and knows exactly what a lender requires to maintain or increase existing borrowing facilities.  They are also more than capable of negotiating with your bank and getting things back on track if you feel the relationship is strained or the support you need is lacking.

Sometimes however, it is not possible or even appropriate to remain with the current lender. If the time comes to change, through their extensive network of contacts with other lenders and financial professionals, they can ensure that robust business plans are prepared to match the client’s needs with the appropriate lender, at the right rates and fees.

Helen and Rod at Independent Banking Professionals Ltd are your partners in business.

John Field-Richards Retired Assistant Director - Deloitte LLP

“Helen and Rod were recommended to me by one of their existing clients. I’d not used business advisors before but they were happy to come and talk to me about what we needed, what they could do, and without charge for the first meeting which was a bonus. It was a refreshing change to talk openly about where our business was and what I wanted to do with it without any concerns about what I was saying being judged !

They were very good. When they understood what we are about they told me where their areas of expertise are, and also were able to recommend a tax specialist who could help me ensure I made the best of the allowances available to me.

They now come in once a month, we look at key areas of performance, future growth, what that means for cash, production, stock, and we anticipate things before they arise. I’ve started to make a few changes to the way I deal with my finances and negotiate with my bank, which I’ve also started to do more with other suppliers !

They left me a brochure when they first came in and on the front it said “Experienced professional common sense” – That’s exactly right. I can pick the phone up when I need to and draw on that experience. My business is only small, and being MD is sometimes a lonely existence but ringing Rod and Helen was one of my better decisions in 2014”

Managing Director Managing Director - Printing business, North Nottinghamshire

Helen has been a trusted advisor for my business for the last five years.  For the first four, she was my relationship manager within a global bank and we developed a close working relationship built on trust, honesty and a joint desire to see my business grow and prosper.

Following her departure from the Bank, I was delighted that my business could still benefit from her experience and undoubted expertise.  We utilised her services through Independent Banking Professionals Ltd, when we were looking to expand our services through purchasing two new properties to allow us to provide our services to a wider geographical area, and enhance the depth of our treatment programmes. Helen helped me evaluate the best solution for us, before she assisted with negotiating and securing the associated funding.  This allowed us the time to concentrate on running the business, whilst Helen negotiated good results on the rates and fees we paid.

She responds quickly and efficiently and I have always felt I can rely on her and her advice.

Noreen Oliver MBE Founder and Chief Executive - Burton Addiction Centre

“I would commend Helen to any prospective client, she first got involved with our business when we were going through a very tough period of restructure, when she had valuable input in terms of dealing with our finances and delivered what we needed.  We have open and very honest discussions regarding what can be achieved and how this will happen.  As our company develops we need skilled and cost effective advisors by our side that will grow and understand our strategy and take the business forward.  Helen’s professionalism, attention to detail and impartial, confidential advice is highly valued by me and my team.

Personally, I am extremely pleased we will be continuing our relationship with Helen and look forward to her continued professional support and advice in expanding our business now and in the future.  Helen can truly be named as one of the key factors to our ongoing success.”

Malcolm Prentice JP MBA BSc MIOD Managing Director - Garrandale Ltd