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Independent Banking Professionals Ltd was founded in 2014 by Helen Sallis and Rod Whitehead.   Disappointed with the level of senior experience the banks were starting to lose at that time, and some of the centralisation of account management, IBP was set up to make that level of banking and finance experience available directly to clients.  Far from wanting to wrangle with any of the banks, IBP's mission was to help clients present their proposals in the right structure, with the right level of appraisal, in the knowledge affordability and viability was already calculated, and to a large extent that made the proposal much easier for the bank to understand and digest.  Like any organisation, banks use jargon and it helps significantly to be able to talk to them in their own language.

Approval of any request is however, just the start.  Post approval businesses will get a facility letter and that will be the basis of the contract between the business and the bank.  It will often contain "covenants" - requirements that the business must meet in order for the facility to remain valid.  Breach of a covenant is often a termination event and although in reality banks rarely use it as such, it's better to meet them than not.  IBP support businesses in the long term with covenant monitoring, bank discussions where things may get difficult, negotiating revisions of funding levels and terms etc.

The business took off right from almost the first day.  IBP does no formal advertising, we rely upon word of mouth from our clients and that is for two main reasons.  Firstly, we have to do a good job otherwise no-one would ever recommend us, and secondly  because there is no better introduction than a personal recommendation.  Some of our testimonial comments appear below.

If you think we can help, get in touch.  There are no hidden fees, the initial chat is always free, if we agree a way forward everything will be detailed in a terms of business letter, and your priorities become ours.

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