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Meet Our Clients

Client satisfaction is our guiding principle, it's at the heart of everything we do

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Construction project

The clients purchased a substantial area of land speculatively some years ago.  As the need for housing grows, the search for land grows ever stronger and it was only a matter of time before our clients land became available for development. 

Working with a well known local team of Surveyors, IBP have helped get the project details together, met the potential developers, walked the site and discussed the advantages, disadvatages, opportunities and capacity of the land for development over the next few years.  The intial deal will recover some of the investment by the current owners and as planning and development progresses, this will be an excellent deal for the developers, the clients and more importantly the people of a major city in the Midlands where the need for housing grows year by year.

Our directors were genuinely delighted to be involved with this multi million development project, it is a fantastic deal for all concerned.

The Importer

The client came to us having been involved with another broker previously.  They imported very seasonal furniture from the Far East and had the opportunity to significantly improve margins by importing directly, rather than buying from a UK wholesaler.

At the peak requirement they would need approximately £300,000, but the sellthrough was quite quick, so although they would need the peak figure for around 3 months of the year, it woukd ramp up over the space of about 6 weeks from zero, and wind down over a period of a further 3 months back to zero over the slow sales/development winter period.  The broker they first approached charged an up front fee which was fairly considerable, and eventually came back to them with a loan over 2 years from a peer to peer lender for £250,000.  Several things were wrong with this:

1. It wasn't enough money

2. They would be borrowing all year round when they only needed to borrow for less than 8 months of the year

3. Full security was required from the directors

4. Next year they would need another £300,000 and they would still have £125,000 of debt outstanding.

After some negotiation, we secured them a trade line facility, linked to the import of the goods, with the goods as security while they were on the water.  With the lender providing finance to release the goods from the port, against a part PG, and with an IF deal for those goods that were sold to the trade, we were able to structure finance that worked for the client, worked for the lender, mitigated everyones risk where possible, and meant there was no debt outstanding or interest due, during the quieter four months of the year.

The result ? - a very happy client and a lender with a well structed and growing new client.

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Burton Addiction Centre



Established for over 20 years, this business does some amazing work and is supported by some high profile Politicians, celebrities and others.  Disappointed with their own banks response to supporting them through the Pandemic and the changes that were necessary, IBP were able to help the business secure the funding it needed to become Covid secure, and continue its growth strategy.  

First Enterprise proved to be a great partner for them with funding via the Government schemes made readily available.

Once again this underlines the value not just of using a competent and reputable broker, but also that the independent market is alive to the needs of businesses, taking a pragmatic and longer term view.  Commenting on the deal, IBP said "This deal was worthy of support all day long; it's a great business under great leadership, with some excellent financial and social results to show for its efforts.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Noreeen and Mark and be of help".

Tuxford Exports Ltd

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IBP have worked with Richard and the team at Tuxfords almost since day one of our existence.  The Tuxford business was started by Richard at the age of 15 and now exports all over the world, with the Tuxford name synonymous with quality, reliability and delivery.  IBP plays an ongoing role in consultancy and financial direction.

Having taken the decision three years ago that the company needed a more progressive bank, IBP were instructed to not only secure agreement with a bank that would provide the company needs going forward, but also effect that transfer with minimal disruption to a multi million pound business.  Both were achieved, and the transfer took place with purpose and efficiently.

Richard comments "The world has been a difficult market place at times, but we know we can rely upon the sound advice and support of Rod and Helen at IBP"

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