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Bank negotiations and financial analysis

Meeting the bank manager is sometimes compared to meeting the dentist, but the dentist is more fun !

It doesn't need to be like that.  Most banks want to understand what is happening in your business and also understand the key indicators that will drive whether they are able to support a particular project or purchase going forward.  The question is, how do you know what they are looking for ?

A great starting point is to talk to us.  We have at our fingertips a range of calculation tools that will bring together the sort of financial information your lender might expect.  That said, it's not just about the money.  Primarily its about you as a business.  Who are the people, what is their experience, what are your plans, what does that do to the business in the future and a host of other things.  Banks will also look at the future and do some sensitivity analysis - what happens if you don't achieve sales, or if you over achieve sales (over achievement could mean you need more money to fund that level), what happens if rates go up, key people are not able to fulfil their roles etc., etc., the list is quite long.

IBP can help you with all of that, putting together a deal and a structure that banks will like to see, maximising the likelihood of a successful request at the first asking.

Give us a call, the first meeting is always free of charge.

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